Free Family Portraits




We believe in Keeping the family together Do you?
“Be fruitful and multiply,” says the Lord in Genesis 1:28.
Keeping the family – One of many outreaches inspired by the Holy Spirit to help families see the beauty and importance of unity through the family portrait.
Seeing the love of family with our own eyes reminds us that God created your family especially for you. Family members are not our choice – it's God’s choice.

 Co-founder, Mike Nelson established Ktft studios for the sole purpose of reuniting broken families. ktft (Keeping The Family Together.) Has been providing free family portraits across America Since 1992

Our goal for 2017 is to provide “250 families” per week
with free family portraits. 
     WHY?...Because you need it..  "Do it for the kids.."
     These free family portraits are paid for by friends, partners & recipients who believe in… Keeping the family together
              “I must be about My Father’s business.”
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